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Madhyamam Airing Limited, a company registered under the Companies Act, operates MediaOne TV, an Indian television channel broadcasting in Malayalam. The station received its license in September 2011 and began broadcasting on February 10, 2013. Velliparamba, Kozhikode, Kerala is where the main studio is located. The Government of India has currently banned this channel for unclear reasons. However, on January 31, 2022, the Kerala High Court granted a two-day stay on the order. Previously, this channel was shut for unexplained reasons, despite mainstream media assertions that it covered news during the Delhi riots. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued a broadcasting ban on the channel, according to Mediaone TV editor Pramod Raman. 

We have filed a lawsuit to overturn the ban. The channel would be returned to the audience once the process was completed. We are temporarily suspending transmission in the hopes that justice will be served," the statement stated. A single-judge bench of the Kerala High Court on Monday stayed the Information & Broadcasting Ministry's order for two days, hours after the Centre halted the transmission of Malayalam news channel MediaOne TV for "security grounds." Justice N Nagaresh, acting on a plea filed by MediaOne TV, postponed the government directive's implementation till the next hearing on Wednesday and instructed Additional Solicitor General S Manu to seek instructions from the Union ministry on the matter. Planet cast Media Services Limited, which offers broadcasting services to the channel, was also served a notice by the court. The attack on MediaOne amounts to an attack on media freedom. In the Delhi riots, the channel was stopped from broadcasting on the grounds of a cold-shouldered approach towards anti-CAA protesters.

Repeated bans on Twitter channels, YouTube channels, media houses that do not support the centre's views meet with the same fate. The ban on MediaOne TV was part of the Union Government's "bigger objective to bring media houses under its control," according to the state secretariat of the CPI(M). V D Satheesan, the leader of the opposition, described the Union government's decision as "undemocratic" and a "denial of natural justice." The administration should explain why the TV channel's transmission was halted. The transmission ban on the TV channel sparked protests in Kerala, with both the government CPI(M) and the opposition Congress criticizing the decision.

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 02 Feb 2022 14:54pm IST

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