About Us

Legal Xpress News aims to work with true spirit of journalism in India. The idea is to serve robust and high quality news from all over the world and present them in an unbiased manner.

Headquartered at Bengaluru, Legal Xpress has its bureaus nation and worldwide, along with a team of experienced newspersons and production staff. Legal Xpress has high built-in tech support which ensures that the best technology is employed and deployed in serving news.

Our journalists follow the following 5 point ethics while reporting a news:

In the age of social media where people tend to believe anything and everything that is viral, Legal Xpress aims at breaking the trend of fake news, making people aware with facts so that no fake news can ever gain momentum. Legal Xpress aims at fighting yellow journalism and battles for an unbiased flow of information via its channel. We believe that journalism isn't just a profession, it is a social responsibility. In advancement of the same - Legal Xpress aims to become the voice of the nation - the voice of not just a few privileged ones, but the voice of all those who are a part of the nation.

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