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  • Pakistan PM Imran Khan will finally face the no-confidence vote on Sunday on SC's order.
  • On Sunday, the no-confidence motion against PM was dismissed by the Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri.
  • Pakistan Supreme Court said, the dismissal of no-confidence motion against PM was ‘unconstitutional’.

Imran Khan loses the Supreme Court battle and faces a no-trust motion on Saturday.

Amid the political turmoil going over a week, On Thursday Supreme Court of Pakistan dismissed the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan by calling it ‘‘unconstitutional’’. The Pakistan Supreme Court reclaimed the assembly and ordered the speaker to call a session. The no-confidence vote against PM Imran Khan will be held on Saturday at 10 am. The no-confidence motion against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government was dismissed on Sunday by Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri, who called it against the constitution and the rules of Pakistan.

Later, Imran Khan called for fresh elections and advised the president for the dissolution of the Assembly. And opposition parties legally challenged the decision in the Supreme Court by calling the move for election and dissolution ‘unconstitutional’. According to Article 58 of Pakistan’s constitution, the National Assembly can’t be dissolved if there is a no-confidence motion against the government. Imran Khan, a former star cricketer, stepped into power in 2018 with a vision of a corruption-free country but in the current situation, it seems that the firebrand nationalist’s fame may not be enough to keep him in power. It is an interesting fact for Pakistan National Assembly, which has notably never seen a Prime Minister complete the full 5-year- tenure.

Imran Khan is not the first Prime Minister against whom the no-confidence motion has been called, but along with Khan, there were two other Prime Ministers of Pakistan against whom a no-confidence motion was called, but they resigned before the vote. If Imran Khan loses, he will be the first Prime Minister of the country to be removed through a no-confidence vote But Imran Khan, a former star cricketer of Pakistan refused to step down, insisting that ‘‘he would play till the last ball’’. The Supreme Court ruled that the National Assembly session must not be adjourned until a vote on the motion. The verdict of the supreme court stated as ‘‘ the speaker is under a duty to summon and hold a sitting of assembly in the present session, and shall do immediately and in any case not later than 10:30 am on Saturday 09-04-2022, to conduct the business of the house as per the order of the day that had been issued for 03-04-2022 and in the term, as stated in, and required by, Article 95 of the Constitution read with Article 37 of the rule of procedure and conduct of Business in the National Assembly Rules,2007’’.

The Supreme Court also said that if the Imran Khan is removed as a result of the no-confidence motion, the new leader of the house should be elected in the same session. If Imran Khan loses the no-confidence vote, the opposition could nominate its prime minister and hold power until August 2023, and later on, a fresh election has to be held. Imran khan's party PTI ( Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) has effectively lost the majority in the assembly of 342 members. He claimed that it was a ‘conspiracy’ against his government that was initiated by the US and Europe on global issues against Russia and China and the opposition was conspiring with Washington to remove him. Shahbaz Sharif, the man who might replace Imran Khan tweeted, ‘‘An epoch-making day! Mubarak to all those who supported defended and campaigned for the supremacy of the constitution. Today, politics of lies, deceit and allegation has been buried. The people of Pakistan have won! God bless Pakistan’’.

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 09 Apr 2022 22:16pm IST

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