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  • Bulgaria recently contributed EUR 20,000 to the ICC's Trust Fund for Victims (TFV), specifically to support victims of the 2008 conflict in Georgia.
  • Since 2004, the TFV has supported victims in seven regions under ICC jurisdiction through reparations programs, medical care, psychological rehabilitation, and more.
  • Voluntary contributions like Bulgaria's are essential for the TFV to continue its critical work in helping victims rebuild their lives.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) and its Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) play an essential role in providing justice and assistance to individuals impacted by serious international crimes. Recently, Bulgaria, a dedicated member of the ICC, made a generous voluntary donation of EUR 20,000 to the TFV. This contribution will enhance the TFV's ongoing initiatives in Georgia, supporting victims of the 2008 conflict.


The Role of the Trust Fund for Victims

The TFV is a critical component of the ICC's reparative justice framework, offering physical, psychological, and material support to crime victims under the Court's jurisdiction. Its dual focus includes court-ordered reparations and broader assistance programs, both crucial for aiding victims and their families in recovery and rebuilding their lives.


Bulgaria's Ongoing Support

This recent contribution from Bulgaria underscores the nation’s dedication to international justice and the support of victims. It marks Bulgaria’s second donation to the TFV, reflecting a strong commitment to the principles of the Rome Statute and victim welfare.

Andres Parmas, a TFV Board of Directors member, welcomed Bulgaria's contribution, stating, "The Trust Fund for Victims at the ICC appreciates Bulgaria’s donation, which underscores the importance of global cooperation in addressing the suffering of victims of Rome Statute crimes. We encourage continued support from state parties and private donors. Bulgaria's consistent support is vital for the ICC’s victim-focused mission."

H.E. Konstantin Dimitrov, Bulgarian Ambassador to the Netherlands, added, "Bulgaria reaffirms its unwavering support for the TFV's efforts in delivering restorative justice to victims, their families, and communities. We believe that a victim-centred approach is crucial in combating impunity, and we are proud to support the TFV with this contribution."


The Georgia Initiative: Aiding Impacted Communities

In April 2023, the TFV initiated a comprehensive program in Georgia, following thorough consultations with affected communities, authorities, and civil society. The program, implemented by selected partners through a competitive process, has already assisted over 1,300 individuals in the Shida Kartli and Mtskheta-Mtianeti regions. Beneficiaries have received medical care, trauma counselling, psychosocial support, and livelihood assistance.


Broad Impact of the TFV

Since its establishment in 2004, the TFV has garnered over EUR 53 million from 52 state parties and private donors. These contributions have enabled significant reparations programs, including the recent completion of the Katanga case reparations in October 2023. Ongoing efforts in the Lubanga and Al Mahdi cases have supported over 3,100 victims, with the Ntaganda reparations program set to begin in autumn 2024. Additionally, the TFV plans to launch a program for Ongwen case victims as soon as resources are available.

Beyond court-ordered reparations, the TFV implements various programs offering medical treatment, psychological rehabilitation, socio-economic support, education, peacebuilding, and commemoration activities. These initiatives are active in seven regions under ICC jurisdiction: the Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Georgia, Kenya, Mali, and Uganda. In 2023 alone, over 26,000 individuals benefited from these programs.


The Significance of Voluntary Contributions

Voluntary contributions are vital for the TFV, enabling it to fulfil its mission. The highest annual contributions received were in 2023, totalling EUR 5.3 million. These funds are essential for maintaining and expanding the TFV’s efforts to deliver comprehensive support to victims. Bulgaria's recent donation highlights the importance of international solidarity in addressing the consequences of international crimes.


Bulgaria’s voluntary contribution to the ICC Trust Fund for Victims demonstrates a steadfast commitment to supporting victims of the 2008 Georgia conflict. This donation not only provides immediate assistance but also strengthens the broader framework of international justice and accountability. The TFV's ongoing work, supported by contributions from nations like Bulgaria, is crucial in ensuring victims receive the reparations and aid they need to rebuild their lives.

As the TFV continues its vital mission, the international community must sustain and enhance its support. Bulgaria’s contribution exemplifies how collective efforts can significantly impact the lives of those affected by serious international crimes. The commitment to a victim-centred approach in the fight against impunity remains essential for achieving lasting peace and justice.

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