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  • Bulldozers were being used by NDMC to demolish the houses of the accused involved in the violence.
  • The supreme court on Wednesday, 20 April ordered a status quo on the demolition drive in the north Delhi’s Jahangirpuri area.
  • A bench headed by the Chief Justice N V Ramanna ordered status quo on the demolition drive, mentioned by a senior advocate Dushyant Dave.

Status quo on the anti-encroachment drive until the next hearing.

SC After the communal violence in North Delhi’s Jahangirpuri, during the procession of Hanuman Jayanti, bulldozers arrived in the area and were being used by NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation) to demolish the houses of the accused involved in the violence. The NDMC had requested the Delhi police to provide at least 400 security personnel including lady police/outer police to maintain law and order during the drive which leads to the deployment of CRPF soldiers, in and around the Jahangirpuri area. The senior officer has been deployed on the ground and an anti-riot force has also been ordered to remain vigilant. Residents said that they had not received any notice about the drive. Jamila, a resident, whose cart was demolished said, “no notice was given to us and we were living here for the last two decades and all this is being done with a vengeance in mind.”

On Wednesday, (April 20) the supreme court having a bench headed by the Chief Justice NV Ramanna ordered a status-quo on the anti-encroachment drive mentioned by a senior advocate Dushyant Dave, in the present situation, which is underway in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri area where riots took place on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti Procession on 16th April by saying that common people are suffering due to illegal encroachment and NV Ramanna said the petition would be listed before an appropriate bench and until the court comes to a decision, the status quo should be maintained. After the order of the Supreme Court, the demolition work stopped in the area, the Mayor of North Delhi Municipal Corporation, Raja Iqbal Singh said that the corporation will follow the order of the apex court and will take action in the accordance with the court and he said that “we have stopped the anti-encroachment work in Jahangirpuri.” However, the drive continued in Jahangirpuri despite the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. Advocate Dave expressed the fact in the court saying that demolitions were continuing. Chief Justice Ramanna asked the court registry to confer the order to the DCP and police immediately.

Advocate Dushyant Dave mentioned a petition against the special joint encroachment removal action of civic bodies including NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation) and the PWD and said “Something serious requires your immediate intervention. Unconstitutional, unauthorised demolition is taking place in Jahangirpuri, where riots takes place last week. No notice has been served so that reply is served in 10 days.” He alleged saying, “There is a provision for appeal under the Municipal Corporation Act and we have filed a provisional application. The demolition which was supposed to start at 2 pm on Wednesday, has started at 9 am and no mandatory notice for demolition has been served on the alleged violators. The area had witnessed violent clashes, including stone-pelting, arson and firing between two communities on the occasion of the procession of Hanuman Jayanti on Saturday. People gathered at the demolition sites and tried to stop the drive and the situation was very critical in the area during the demolition of the houses. Also, Muslims were alleging that the state was targeting their community and to prevent all these police fencings the area and locking the lane to restrict them. The violence on 16th April during the procession of Hanuman Jayanti causes injury to nine people including eight police personnel and a civilian a total of 23 have been arrested and apprehended in connection with the incident. Delhi BJP Chief Adesh Gupta had written to NDMC, saying “illegal encroachment on government property by anti-social elements indicating the accused, of the procession incident, be vacated, illegal construction of rioters to be demolished and action is taken against them.”

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