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  • Supreme Court asked the central Govt. to explain the construction work of ‘judicial vista’.
  • The bench said ‘it is logical and correct having a judicial vista in a planned manner as central vista’.
  • The petition seeks construction of multi-storey complex with adequate facility.

SC seeks a stand from the centre on Judicial Vista On Monday

The Supreme court asked the union government to explain its stand on a petition filed by a lawyer seeking direction to prepare the layout and execute the construction work of the ‘Judicial Vista’ over the land adjoining the present premises of the apex court stating it is ‘logical’ for the better functioning and for a setup of an independent authority for dealing with the judicial infrastructure in the country. The apex court said that Judicial vista in a planned manner is a logical and correct thing and also said that for doing proper work Supreme Court must have a proper establishment. A bench of Justice Vineet Saran and J K Maheshwari said, “It is the logical and correct thing that there should be Judicial Vista in a planned manner ‘just like Central Vista’. The growth of buildings is unplanned, something coming up there. It is a matter in which normally we would not be inclined to pass directions but we would like the union of India to consider this and make a decision.” The petition filed by Advocate Ardhendumauli Kumar Prasad sought the construction of the Judicial Vista on the land adjoining the Supreme Court.

The Judicial Vista enables access to better and dignified working conditions for the Judges, the members of the bar and the officials of the registry of this court as well as to provide better facilities to the litigants visiting the premises of the court for the hearing of their respective case. Adv. Ardhendumauli Prasad, who happens to be the incumbent SCBA secretary stated that “Judicial Vista would ensure meeting the needs of the court, registry, bar and the litigants since it would result in the construction of large multi-level complex having courtrooms, around 50,000 chambers for senior advocates, AOR’s, substantial space for various officer of sections and staff of the registry, adequate medical facility, underground car parking facility, waiting for space for law officers, advocates and standing counsels, besides dedicated office space for lawyer bodies. 

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 27 Apr 2022 16:00pm IST

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