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  • The petition sought a Supreme Court bench in all states
  • The petition sought to increase the retirement age of the judge and to ensure that the judges after retirement don't accept any government positions.
  • However, this PIL was dismissed

Abdul Jaleel, filed a PIL in the high court of Kerala seeking a SC bench in all the states of India. This case was heard by a two-judge bench at Ernakulam comprising of CHIEF JUSTICE MR. S.MANIKUMAR and JUSTICE SHAJI P. CHALY. This plea was filed on the 21st of June 2022 and dismissed on the same day.

This PIL was filed seeking mainly three things-

“i)To establish a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court in all the High Courts of the country to hear only the cases of the poor and the destitute. In order to fulfill my this request, direct the Supreme Court registrar General to take steps to place this Petition before the Hon'ble Supreme Court Chief Justice.

ii) Direct the Central Government to take steps to enhance the retirement age of the judges of the Supreme Court, High Courts, and all the judicial officers of the country to 75 years.

iii) Direct the Central Government to take steps to ensure that judicial officers in the country shall not accept any post in the government after retirement.”

Abdul Jaleel requested those three things in his prayer because he believed that doing so would benefit millions of people in this nation, including himself. In fact, he is a victim of the non-implementation of the above three rules, and therefore, he has the locus standi to seek these three prayers in the court He also indicated that judges who sided with criminals in his own cases received post-retirement appointments and that judges who supported corrupt officials while not directly siding with criminals in his case also engaged in nepotism. He also asserted that ensuring that the Government cannot have any influence over the judiciary will increase public confidence in the judiciary.

He claimed that by removing any possibility of influencing the judges, the judiciary would become totally independent, the public would have entire confidence in it, it would enhance our judiciary, and as a result, our nation's democracy and secularism would also be strengthened. A significant amount of public funds can also be saved by raising the retirement age for judges, which will also improve the well-being of the entire country. The petitioner claims that the government is not making these moves.

These are the reasons given by the petitioner (Abdul Jaleel) while filing the writ petition. The court did not appreciate the allegations bought in by the petitioner against the very people who uphold and implement the law. The High court hence stated “the petitioner – party-in-person has alleged that some of the judges were hand in glove with the criminals and obtained post-retirement postings, which allegations are very serious, having regard to the reliefs sought for, we are not inclined to advert to the same and no direction in the nature of mandamus as prayed for, can be granted.” The High court was also not convinced with the plea and therefore, dismissed it.

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