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  • The Supreme Court on this Wednesday has stayed the order of Madras High Court’s in the AIADMK case with a SLP.
  • The stay order has brought the AIADMK’s unannounced bill to halt without getting it passed by the general and executive councils.
  • The bill of AIADMK was concerning the issue of the single leadership in the AIADMK party.

This Wednesday the Madras High Court order in the AIADMK’s case was stayed by the Supreme Court with an SLP.

The stay order has brought an unannounced bill that was about to be passed by the AIADMK party in the General and executive council which was concerned about the issue of single leadership of the party. The Supreme Court this Wednesday has passed a stay order on the Madras High Court order in the AIADMK case. The High Court order was passing an order to stay a general and executive council meeting by the Palaniswami camp towards the single leadership. But the Supreme Court order has come in like a shot to the arm for the Palaniswami camp.

The Apex court order has been clarified later that the Palaniswami camp in the general and executive council meeting was to pass an unannounced bill on the issue of single leadership, to which the GC (general counsel) has all agreed. The ratio of the agreement to disagreement is somewhere nearly 2,190 members of GC have agreed out of the 2,665 members. The Supreme Court has given a green signal to have the general and executive council meeting on the 23rd of June 2022 but the GC has decided to have the meeting on the 11th of July 2022 which they set before and has asked to take up all the 23 resolution on the day of the meeting. Simultaneously the Apex court has also ordered the AIADMK party to not have any new resolutions on the meeting agenda apart from those 23 resolutions.

But in the meanwhile Panneerselvam faction has met the CJ of Madras High court and has filed a plea. The vacation bench comprising Justice Dinesh Maheshwari and Justice Krishna Murari has given the notice to stay the general and executive meeting and the said notice was served to M. Shanmugam who is the party coordinator. The Supreme Court has observed that the Madras High Court has exceeded its jurisdiction by passing a stay order to the meeting even after the Supreme Court has passed a Stay order to the Madras High Court through an SLP.

The Apex court after the Advocate of Palaniswamihas filed a petition has agreed to examine the matter. After this Panneersalvam moved the Madras High Court with a Civil suit over the meeting that is about to be held on the 11th of July 2022. After this, a bench was made to hear this suit past midnight. They started to hear the suit at the house of the Judge at 1 AM and extended the hearing till 4 AM on the same morning. The bench after hearing the suit has said that the meeting on the 11th of July 2022 can be scheduled and the meeting can take up the 23 resolutions as agreed by the GC and has ordered the council to not take up any new resolutions in the meeting. This order was given by the bench that was comprised of Justice Duraiswamy and Justice Sundar Mohan after the meeting of Panneersalvam and the Madras High Court CJ Justice Bhandari.

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 12 Jul 2022 16:33pm IST

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