News By/Courtesy: Neha Mishra | 04 Jan 2022 14:29pm IST


  • As the cases of COVID are on the rise, Gujarat High Court has issues new orders.
  • This order includes a list of guidelines for behaving for people who come into the court.
  • The guidelines will be applicable from 5 January.

The Gujarat High Court on Monday gave a large number of guidelines to prosecutors and attorneys, confining passage into the Court and exhorting other Covid-proper conduct considering the ascent in COVID cases.

• The High Court has disallowed the section of prosecutor public into its premises.

• Section for other people, will be allowed just employing entryway no.5.

• The bottles will stay shut and the bar library, reference library and all pubs will likewise close at 1 pm consistently.

• The headings additionally asked that handshakes might be stayed away from and good tidings be passed on through folded hands from a distance.

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 04 Jan 2022 19:58pm IST

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