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  • World No. 1 Male Tennis Player and Serbian Star Novak Djokovic was finally released from detention on Monday, 10th January 2022.
  • Judge Anthony Kelly delivered the order and demanded his release within 15 minutes of passing of the order.
  • The Serbian star was detained and his VISA was cancelled by the Australian Government due to being unvaccinated for any good reason.

Circuit Court Judge Anthony Kelly, on Monday, gave the orders for the release of Tennis Player, Novak Djokovic from detention and quashed the decision of his VISA cancellation on grounds of the player being unvaccinated. The Judge strictly demanded the government release, Djokovic, within 30 minutes of the Court’s order. The news brought a joyous response from Djokovic fans around the world and also elicited a response from celebrities like Rafael Nadal who called the whole ordeal as a ‘media circus’ and said ‘Regardless of whether I agree or not with Djokovic with some issues, Justice has been delivered’.

THE FACTS- Novak Djokovic arrived in Australia in hopes of winning another Grand Slam title but instead, his VISA was cancelled and he was detained in the Immigrant detention Centre due to him not adhering to necessary COVID protocols and being unvaccinated. The Player expressed his view that he was not given reasonable time to produce any papers or even talk to his lawyer for presenting his arguments before his VISA was cancelled. The Court also held that it was unreasonable for the government to not give sufficient time to the player for producing the reasons for why his VISA should not be cancelled. After being in detention for almost a week, Djokovic finally saw the daylight on 10th January and immediately started towards his training.

The Serbian player has come out victorious and in a tweet, he thanked his fans for their support. Djokovic is looking forward to playing in the Australian Open which starts on 17th January 2022, however, there is a high chance he wouldn’t be able to play. Government Lawyer Christopher Tran informed the Court that Australia’s Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, has the power to exercise his authority and cancel the VISA of the Serbian, which would not only lead to his deportation but would also bar him from entering the country for three years. The result of this judgment can only be seen once the Australian Open starts. The world hopes to see Novak Djokovic play but whatever the situation demands, hopefully, it would be adhered to.

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 11 Jan 2022 17:36pm IST

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