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  • Court ordered the Secretary of Public Works and the Secretary of Local Self Government to appear in person on 11th August 2021 to explain the delay in complying with this Court's directives.
  • The Chief Engineer then advised that the scope of the bridge's construction be examined as part of the Chief Minister's Local Road Rebuild Project.
  • It was notified that due to the current state of affairs, the bridges could not be included in Rebuild Kerala.

The Kerala High Court expressed its dissatisfaction on Tuesday with the delay in constructing the Nooradi Bridge, which was damaged in the state's 2018 disastrous flood. Chief Justice S Manikumar and Justice Shaji P Chaly of a Division Bench asked the concerned authorities to appear in person before the Court for the next hearing. As a result, the matter has been rescheduled for August 11th. In an earlier order dated 13th July 2020, the Court directed the authorities to begin repair of the bridge. T. K. Aravindakumar Babu, a senior government official, notified the Court that steps had been made in accordance with the Court's directives. Additionally, he presented a Government Order dated 26th July to bolster his position.

The Court instituted a suo motu proceeding in response to an application brought by pupils at St. Fathima High School concerns the flood-damaged Nooradi Bridge, which had become unsafe for public conveyance. As a result, the Court ordered that the bridge be rebuilt within 18 months. This took place in July 2020. According to the respondents' affidavit, they took steps to enforce the order. In accordance with this order, an estimated cost of approximately Rs. 1.30 crores were allegedly estimated for the bridge's construction, and this amount was requested by the Secretary of the concerned District Panchayath to initiate necessary steps to include the project in the 'Rebuild Kerala' initiative. According to reports, the Chief Engineer presented this plan to the Planning and Economic Affairs Department of the Rebuild Kerala Department. Additionally, it was claimed that administrative approval was granted for the construction of approximately Rs.988 crore worth of flood-damaged rural roads, out of the Rs.1000 crore sanctioned from the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. This included the cancellation of Administrative Sanctions for works valued at Rs.44.2486 crores. This leaves Rs 56.1815 crores remaining from the 1000 crores allocated for the CMLRP Project. As a result, the Government thoroughly investigated the request to include the flood-damaged Bridge in the Chief Minister's Local Road Rebuild Project. Following this examination, orders were issued in favour of the bridge's construction, awarding an administrative sanction of about Rs.13 crores.

As a result, orders were issued enforcing the Court's verdict of 13th July 2020. As a result, the anticipated value of work sanctioned administratively by inclusion in the Chief Minister's Local Road Rebuild Project increased to approximately Rs. 945 crores.

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