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  • Limited physical hearing in Delhi high court and district court
  • Modification of earlier decision taken on august 12
  • 31st august 2021 and 24august 2021 are the dates for physical hearing in delhi high court and distric court respectively

The Delhi High Court decided on reopening of physical hearing in High Court from 31st August and district court from 24th August 2021. This decision is the modification of decision taken on August 12 as per which the High Court was set to commence physical hearing from 6th September. "modification of this court's office order no. 471/RG/DHC/2021 dated 12th august,2021,the honourable full court has been pleased to order that physical hearing in this court shall resume from 31st of august 2021, " office order issued on thursday said. The number of benches of this court for physical hearing shall be constituted as per the direction of the chief justice. Where as remaining benches shall continue the existing system of listening any matter and solving them though videoconferencing. All those pending non urgent matters listen before the high court till September 3, 2021 will stand adjourned. As already notified on 12th August's office order. Days of Physical hearing the court will permit videoconferencing hearing where a request of such effect is made by any of the parties, the office order moves. The court of register and judicial shall take up all the matter as per their respective list with effect from 31st August 2021. "A roster shall also be prepared for the Said courts in such a manner that every registar/ judicial holds physical Court on alternative day while the others continues to hold courts through video conferencing as per the existing agreement on non physical days. From 31st of August 2021." the office order said so. The district courts in Delhi have also been ordered to commence physical hearing from 24 August. According to the earlier order district courts were asked to resume physical hearing from 31st August but now this has been advanced to 24 August 2021.

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