News By/Courtesy: Srestha Mitra | 25 Aug 2021 1:07am IST


  • SUO MOTU PIL, gives light to job rackets
  • Placement agencies should do personal interviews
  • Effective way to tackle job rackets ,by providing more job opportunities

A drastic change brought by, SUO MOTU PIL case the Madras High Court, The justice S Vaidyanathan was contacted by placement agency with job affairs for personal interview and job appointments. The bench of Justice N kirubakaran and Vaidyanathan also says that such fake job racket can be tackled after creating more job opportunities to unemployed people To get rid from this situation of job tracking and unemployment the Government, Both the Central and Tamil Nadu promotes self employment opportunities and country wise skill development process, also there must be awareness spread by government. Camps should be organized after a fixed period of time The bench also revealed that the unpleasant incident was done by a man who claimed that he is a member of High Court and took money from the people, miss -used the Faith, made false promise to give job. The real culprit is now arrested and it was found that he already cheated several innocent people. This job racket was headed by 25 year old Bharathiraja, a diploma holder in civil engineering who share the contacts of justice Vaidyanathan and other Madras High Court judge with certain manpower agencies who are believed to cheat job aspirants. The FIR for this case was registered very early 20.10.2017. Soon all the other accused where arrested. There will be a trial court to hear the matter without adjourning it beyond 7 working days. THE MATTER HAS BEEN POSTED DOR COMPLIANCE IN 2022 FEBRUARY READ ORDER

Section Editor: Lucky Sinha | 14 Sep 2021 21:25pm IST

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