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  • Kayastha are the highest educated caste in India.
  • Twitter trends are going on like 'KayasthaRejectOBCReservation' 'KayasthaAlwaysGeneral' 'KayasthaRejectReservation.
  • Now UP's backward commission issued list for the 8 castes to be included in OBC. Earlier it was 39 including Kayastha community.

In protest against the inclusion of Kayastha caste in OBC, SP leader Aishwarya Srivastava protested at the district headquarters. Along with this, the memorandum addressed to the Governor was handed over to the District Magistrate's office. According to the SP leader, there is no need to include the Kayastha caste in OBC. Society does not need the facilities of reservation. On the other hand, the All India Kayastha Mahasabha has started conducting public opinion on this matter. Recently, the office-bearers of the Mahasabha had met SP National President Akhilesh Yadav in Lucknow.

Condemning the idea of ?? putting Kayastha caste in OBC quota by the Uttar Pradesh government, Mr. Alok Sinha, Founder cum National General Secretary of International Kayastha Mahaparivar, said that the golden history of Brahmavanshi Kshatriya Kayasthas is false!!! Uttar Pradesh CM Yogiji thinks of putting Kayasthas in the OBC quota. Mr. Alok Sinha has been demanded to remove the Kayastha caste from the OBC quota list.

The really backward castes of India must beware. The upper castes have sneaked into the central and state governments' lists of other backward classes(OBCs) and are enjoying the benefits of reservation that were supposed to uplift economically and socially backward classes. Reservation, as the term implies, is a quota. The more undeserving upward castes join the OBC list, the less will remain for those really backward.

Kayasthas are socially and academically strong. There are some such castes in 39 castes, in which if the survey is done properly, then more than 50 percent such people will be found who oppose any kind of reservation. And would never want their caste to be included in the section taking reservations. Take Kayastha caste only. This community has been ahead in education. People are settled in abundance in Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Allahabad of UP. In these cities, the biggest lawyers, the biggest doctors will be found in dozens of numbers from this caste. On what basis they are giving the reservation to Kayastha!!!!

It is true that this caste has lagged behind in politics, but the political share of Brahmins and Rajputs has also declined in democracy. This does not mean that they should also be given reservations. The people who support the reservation of Kayasthas are from outside UP, even if it is a local leader like Mr. Kumar Sambhav of Jaipur. While Mr. BP Srivastava of Ghaziabad, UP, who was with Mr. Kumar Sambhav, opposed keeping Kayastha in OBC. Be it, Mr. Ashu Bhatnagar of from Noida or Mr. Ambuj Saxena, a Kayastha thinker, or senior journalist Mr. Atul Srivastava, all protested. 

Mr. Chaudhary Jitendra Nath Singh, the National President of All India Kayastha Mahasabha from Prayagraj and associated with Kayastha Pathshala also protested and the biggest thing was that BJP State Spokesperson Mr. Harish Chandra Srivastava from Lucknow also came against it, then it means that the entire Kayastha society protested openly. But most of the supporters were either from outside Uttar Pradesh or were being controlled by people from outside.

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