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  • Delhi High Court Order on the suspension of a school teacher
  • School Teacher refuses to donate for Ram Mandir
  • School Teacher got suspended for refusing to donate for Ram Mandir

The Delhi High Court on 29 October 2021, Friday, issued an order regarding a petition filed against forced donation by a teacher. The matter has been shifted to be heard on 17th December by the said order.

The petitioner, Hema Bajaj contended that each year, the teachers are forced to pay Rs 5, 000 in the Samarpan account as charity. However, this year they were asked to pay Rs 15,000 as a donation instead of Rs 5, 000 and also Rs 70, 000 as a donation in the construction for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Ms Hema Bajaj who is the headmistress of the Rao Mehar Chand Saraswati Vidya Mandir School in Bhalaswa also submitted that when she refused to pay the amount and only paid the usual Rs. 5,000, she was harassed by the school administration for the same. She was also coerced to resign from the school by the administration for not paying the desired amount. She maintained that due to her dire financial conditions and the poor health of her husband, she is not able to pay the amount as her savings and most of her salaries are utilized in the medical bills of her husband.

She stated that the society that runs the school, known as Samarth Shiksha Samiti has assigned a target for every teacher to collect Rs. 1, 00,000 for the charity, and she not being a class teacher and with a poor financial condition, was not able to collect the amount. She mentioned that students and staffs have to ask from their houses and visit shops and nearby business to reach the donation limit. She also contended that she had been suspended by the school administration without any prior notice to the Department of Education as well as without any prior notice. She also mentioned that the Head of School, along with the society running the school is revengeful against her and connived a plan to suspend her as she was unable to meet their demands.

 The Delhi High Court on Friday issued an order stating that this matter will be heard on 17th December of the same year through video conferencing. The judge for the said matter is V. Kameswar Rao.

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