News By/Courtesy: Neha Mishra | 19 Nov 2021 16:56pm IST


  • A man was wearing vest during the virtual hearing of his case
  • The hearing was regarding a petition asking for quashing of an FIR
  • The court imposed a fine of Rs. 10K on the man.

The Delhi High Court as of late forced a fine of 10,000 on a man who showed up for a virtual hearing in his vest, naming this act of his as "absolutely unsuitable". "Even though the procedures were being led through Virtual Conference he ought to have shown up under the steady gaze of the Court in legitimate garments.

Subsequently, expenses of Rs.10,000/ - is forced upon applicant no.5 for his aforementioned direct, to be saved with the Delhi High Court Legal Services Committee within seven days from today," the Court said. Justice Rajnish Bhatnagar was hearing a request looking for subduing of an FIR enrolled by a spouse against her better half. The Court was educated that the involved parties have resolved the question among themselves and that the marriage has been broken up.

The Court was educated that a girl child was brought into the world after the wedding, yet no right of visitation has been given to the dad. Counsel showing up on behalf of the spouse asked the Court that an email ought to be sent to the father that would let him know and inform him about the conditions of the child.

The mother agreed to such conditions. As per the order, it was contended that "I have collaborated with the parties involved and they present that they have resolved their debates. Respondent No.2 concedes that she has settled the matter genially with the applicants. She further presents that the settlement/compromise has occurred deliberately, with no coercion, tension or compulsion,".

Section Editor: Kadam Hans | 19 Nov 2021 22:57pm IST

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