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  • A man filed a Special Leave Petition (SLP) against the adjournment order.
  • The adjournment order was given by the Punjab and Haryana HC.
  • The SC held it to be the waste of court's time and ordered him to pay fine.

The Supreme Court as of late forced a fine of 20,000 on an applicant request passed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court which suspended a matter for a very long time without giving notification. While communicating its disappointment on the documenting of such Special Leave Petitions (SLPs) under the watchful eye of the Supreme Court, the Bench of Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and MM Sundresh noticed, "Assuming this isn't an abuse of interaction of law, one can say little else. This Court is certainly not a stroll set up simply because Chandigarh turns out to be in the closeness to Delhi."

The Bench noted in its request that the High Court just obliged the request of the counsel on the behalf of the petitioner looking for suspension, but then the candidate has moved an SLP under the steady gaze of the Supreme Court testing the intermission. In this scenery, the apex court saw that the litigant has burned through legal time.

"We are of the view that the petitioner should pay for wastage of legal time. Furthermore subsequently excuse the appeal with the cost of Rs. 20,000/ - to be saved with the Supreme Court Group 'c' (Non-Clerical) Employees Welfare Association inside about a month from today," the Court requested. Senior Advocate Sidharth Luthra and Advocate-on-Record Anand Mishra showed up for the litigant. Advocate-on-Record Gauri Neo Rampal and Advocates Aditya Grover, Harshit Khanduja, Arjun Grover and Pooja R Sharma showed up for the respondent.

Section Editor: Kadam Hans | 02 Dec 2021 20:55pm IST

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