News By/Courtesy: Akanksha Attili | 14 Dec 2021 11:17am IST


  • Maharashtra one of the bravest states with repect to Covid 19 Management.
  • The Bench advises to not let their guard down and take the necessary precautions, to follow covid 19 protocols.
  • Must Continue Vaccination for Senior Citizens and Handicapped People

The Financial Capital of India, Maharashtra was one of the bravest states to tackle the Covid-19 crisis in the country. The Bombay High Court observed this while disposing of a bunch of petitions which dealt with the grievances about the management of Covid 19 Treatment.

Justice Dipankar Dutta and MS Karnik remarked that most of the reliefs were granted by the State Government and it had also acted upon all the orders, submitted to the Bench. The High Court praised the efforts put in by the Government and added that a lot of states n the Country are have still not opened their Courts for Physical Hearings.

It further submitted that it (state government) gave a green signal for the Courts in the state to practice Physical Hearings from October 2021. Bombay High Court also advised that the Centre as well as the State must continue to provide vaccination and medical aid for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The Bench of Justices also warned the people to not let their guard down as they (bench) reminded the people of the second wave and its disastrous effect on the state which hit in the early months of this year.

The Bench expressed their concern by stating that in 2020 April they did not have any idea about the pandemic however, this year they did, thus it is better to not let their guard down next year to prevent the same pattern.

Section Editor: Kadam Hans | 14 Dec 2021 15:34pm IST

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