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  • The sole basis of conviction of a man was dying declaration of the victim.
  • The man was convicted of murder an d sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Patna HC acquitted him for lack of evidence to corroborate the dying declaration.

A murder convict granted life detainment a quarter-century prior was as of late vindicated by the Patna High Court for the need of proof on the side of the casualty's perishing assertion, which was the sole premise of conviction. A Bench of Justices AM Badar and Sunil Kumar Panwar declined to hold the perishing assertion of the expired lady as the "sole reason for conviction" and absolved the man blamed for her murder. As per the Bench, the preliminary court, which granted the existing term discipline to the appealing party, had blundered in liking the proof on the side of the lady's perishing presentation.

Above a quarter-century prior, a preliminary court in Munger had sentenced the appealing party for killing his significant other in August 1993. The man is affirmed to have incurred deadly wounds to the lady, who was conceded to a medical clinic yet gave an assertion before she passed on. Segment 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code was added to the case following which the man was charged and put being investigated. He was viewed as blameworthy and condemned to life detainment on July 3, 1995. Under the steady gaze of the High Court, counsel for the litigant contended that the withering revelation of the casualty was "deceitful and temperamental" as it was not recorded later the casualty's clinical assessment.

He contended that the lady had surrendered to her wounds before long the supposed episode and consequently was not in a situation to record her assertion. The indictment fought that the lady's assertion showed the litigant's complicity in the wrongdoing. In the wake of looking at the presentation, the Court saw that it was expressed "precisely in the organization wherein police generally records" the assertion of a casualty or witnesses. The announcement was subsequently expressed to be "dicey and dubious", one that was sudden from an individual experiencing a genuine physical issue on essential pieces of her body later weighty blood misfortune.

"Perished Mira Kumari was a rural resident. It doesn't make sense that she had the option to portray the moment subtleties of the occurrence and alluding the expectation of the aggressor to submit her homicide," the Court noted. As indicated by the Bench, the assertion looked "counterfeit in nature" other than having no likeness of an assertion of a perishing individual.

The Court additionally remarked on the way where the casualty's assertion was recorded by a cop before her passing, noticing: "It appears to be that this cop had shown his over energy in getting the assertion of the expired Mira Kumari nom de plume Shakuntala Devi arranged without getting her inspected to learn her wellness from the going to a clinical official from the Government Hospital, where she was taking clinical treatment." While saving the judgment of the preliminary court, the Court vindicated the litigant of the offence.

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